Love All Around Me

Love All Around Me

This is a playlist of songs Brandon created recently. They are 7 different hip hop tracks he has been working on lately.

They go from electronic to sample-heavy, and are great to play while driving or hanging out with your friends.


Break Through the Static

This was a video I made a few years back for an organization called Break Through The Static. Break Through the Static was an organization founded to help promote the awareness of suicide’s effect on families, which in our society is usually a quieted issue.

It was a bold organization that unfortunately no longer exists. This video though is a celebration of some of the affect it had while it was still around.



This is the website for One Off Audio-Visual Productions.

The company was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Snowden and Brandon Balestreri. It was created as a vehicle to promote their artistic output, both visually and sonically. Jeremy is a filmmaker and editor and Brandon is the head producer. I hope you can see us grow by following this blog and experience new and engaging types of art along the way.

Hope you enjoy,

One Off