Photo Collection

Hello all —

Hope you are enjoying the summer. I’ve collected some of my best photos of the last 2 years. Mainly they are from working on theatre productions and personal photos. Scroll through the galleries and enjoy!

Jeremy Snowden – Portfolio


Eugene Tssui and The Yao People

Here is the first episode in a mini-series I have been working on with my friend Justin Bench. The series is about Eugene Tssui and his influence and solutions on sustainable architecture. This series lies within the larger scope of our program Upside, a channel whose mission is to profile change-makers in sectors of energy, architecture and education that are providing us with real world solutions, not just unnerving facts that we are left feeling helpless by, which so many documentaries seem to give us.

Please share end enjoy! Thanks!

Climate Change Doc

This is a video I helped create to  promote a project that fellow videographer Justin Bench, and a few others have been developing. It’s a travel series that explores 3 facets of climate change and the solutions we have for them.