Eugene Tssui and The Yao People

Here is the first episode in a mini-series I have been working on with my friend Justin Bench. The series is about Eugene Tssui and his influence and solutions on sustainable architecture. This series lies within the larger scope of our program Upside, a channel whose mission is to profile change-makers in sectors of energy, architecture and education that are providing us with real world solutions, not just unnerving facts that we are left feeling helpless by, which so many documentaries seem to give us.

Please share end enjoy! Thanks!


Hello all. Here is a video I filmed, and edited alongside JP Lansdale and Justin Bench. This video showcases the opening party of the Jasper Apartments in San Francisco. The party was an exciting and raucous event with 1920s themed jazz music and costumes.


Insalata’s Promo

Here is a promo I created for Insalata’s restaurant in San Anselmo, California. It was made in the format of a “day in the life”, by showing what goes into producing the delicious food and setting up the lovely atmosphere of this upscale restaurant – from sun up to sundown.




Film Club

Here it is, the first promo for College of Marin’s Film Club! A huge thank you to everyone involved. We look forward to working with our fellow clubs and students, I did my best to make sure that all the clubs we picked were not based on any real clubs, so no offense intended (except Larp Club, sorry Larp Club…you had it coming). Enjoy the video! I sense this is the start of something glorious…




This is a promotional video I did for the band Notorious.

This was at a July 4th event in San Francisco. It was a really cool experience to shoot such a large concert and see everyone get down to these classic songs – from the young to the old.