UnCommon Law Event

Hey everyone.

Happy to share a small piece of a project I’ve been working on with my friend Justin Bench. UnCommon Law is an incredible non-profit that saves lives and brings families together through prison reform. Seeing people get a second chance within our unjust system is a beautiful thing.

If you’d like to help they can be found here: http://uncommonlaw.org/contact-us/

Enjoy and thanks for watching!


The Kentfield Chronicles Ep. 2

Happy Fall!

If you are looking for something silly, and full of slapstick and yes at times introspection verging on insanity look no further! Sonny Harrison is your man.

Our favorite detective is back at it with another series of misadventures. Grab a nice spot on the couch, your favorite moustache (we all know you have one) and check it out!

The Kentfield Chronicles Ep.1 (Director’s Cut)

Happy summer everyone! Here is the director’s cut version of Episode 1 of Kentfield Chronicles. We reimagined one of the major scenes of the episodes as well as explored the relationship between Sonny and Bilbett in a new light.


Eugene Tssui and The Yao People

Here is the first episode in a mini-series I have been working on with my friend Justin Bench. The series is about Eugene Tssui and his influence and solutions on sustainable architecture. This series lies within the larger scope of our program Upside, a channel whose mission is to profile change-makers in sectors of energy, architecture and education that are providing us with real world solutions, not just unnerving facts that we are left feeling helpless by, which so many documentaries seem to give us.

Please share end enjoy! Thanks!

Film Club

Here it is, the first promo for College of Marin’s Film Club! A huge thank you to everyone involved. We look forward to working with our fellow clubs and students, I did my best to make sure that all the clubs we picked were not based on any real clubs, so no offense intended (except Larp Club, sorry Larp Club…you had it coming). Enjoy the video! I sense this is the start of something glorious…